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An audio tour or audio guide provides a recorded spoken commentary, normally through a handheld device, to a visitor attraction such as a museum. They are also available for self-guided tours of outdoor locations, or as a part of an organized tour. It provides background, context, and information on the things being viewed. Audio guides are often in multilingual versions and can be made available in different ways. Some of the more elaborate tours may include original music and interviews.

About guide

Tour guide sytem
Simultaneous interpretation system


470-510 MHZ, 2.4G MHZ (40 channels) 100 optional channels, 100-200 meters ransmission rechargeable Li-battery, 15-20 hours battery life with record function

Technical Specifications


72-76MHZ, 800-823MHZ, 863-865MHZ 100 optional channels, 100-300 meters ransmission rechargeable Li-battery, 15-20 hours battery life with record function

Technical Specifications


470-490 MHZ 100 optional channels,
100-200 meters ransmission AAA battery,
15-20 hours battery life.
with record function

Technical Specifications

Conference sound sytem



Input device

A microphone is a transducer, which means that it converts the acoustic energy from the sound source into an electrical signal.



Processing device

A mixer combines the signals from multiple sources.
A signal processor is used to help adjust the sound quality.



Amplification device

The power amplifier boosts the electrical audio signal to drive the output devices (e.g., loudspeakers or headphones) to the desired level.



Output device

The microphone,loudspeaker or in-ear monitors,is a transducer, converting the electrical signal from the amplifier back into acoustic energy.

Product applications:

Tourism related industry
  • Travel agencies tour operators, travel bureaus
  • Tourist attractions, sightseeing scenic spots
  • Big hotels, airports, train/bus stations
Quited environment
  • Museums, nature protection areas
  • Art galleries, memorial halls
  • Libraries, churches, prayer rooms
  • Factory tours, presentations
  • New product launching
  • Exhibition centers and trade fairs
Indoor sound system
  • Conference
  • Concert
  • Theater
Outdoor sound system
  • Sports
  • Event
  • Gathering
  • Simultaneous interpretation system
  • Disability care, government departments
  • Bus system

About us

/ About company:

As it indicated in the name, PEERLINK is union of people with same interests. It is one of the leading manufacturers for acoustic devices including wireless audio guides, tour guide systems and conference sound system. It is a factory and it has been manufacturing and marketing audio products since 2005. It has supplied tour guide devices and conference sound equipment to companies and organizations across Europe, Asia and America. Europe is its major market. ......

About company

/ About products:

As it was introduced above, we are a professional manufacturer for tour guide equipment and conference sound system. Our major products are acoustic devices, which include digital audio guide, one-way tour guide system, simultaneous interpretation system, and conference sound equipment (amplifier, speaker, mixer, processor, controller, wireless microphone, etc.) As a tourism service company, we also have fun and fashion travel associated products.

About products

/ Logo concept:

P: Peerlink, public, private
G: Group, guide
S: Support, sound, system, service
Green color: we advocate green and environment-friendly tourism
Model nomenclature:
Peerlink Group Supported Public/private Guide System/service
10: the 10th generation

Ogo concept

Peerlink Group Supported Sound System

we are for better communication

What Our Clients Say

  • - Pierre

    The tour guide system is very good i consider that is better than some french product as clearance and distance

  • - Vittorio

    My colleagues have tested samples many times. In their opinion, the signal is really good, in fact your samples have a range better than ours.

  • - Stefano

    We tried your devices. Our consideration are good.
    We are very happy with the quality of your devices.

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